Advanced Mobility Services goes international

It started with a vision the two founders had in 2014. One with a track record in heavy equipment the other a cloud internet pioneer with a software development company. The vision exceeded all existing hard-and software combinations in tracking, tracing and telematics. That same year the vision was presented to and adopted by a private equity party. This private equity party earned most of its fortune in the heavy equipment industry; a perfect match. With their experience and critical eye of a future customer, they saw what this vision could become, and stepped right in.  

Then 2015 came, the year of preparation: registering the company, creating the blueprints for the hardware and the software and finding the right manufacturers for the hardware components. The right software developer was already in-house, one of the best in the field I may say. When you are one of only three companies in Europe to develop for Cisco partners it is safe to say you have earned your stripes.

In 2016 we started testing hardware prototypes and software. This was a very fruitful year. It helped us to further develop our products. This is the year where new insights helped us exceed even our own vision, let alone the competition. We also acquired and improved an existing technology for track & trace solutions for people and non-powered assets.

January 2017 marked the start of our commercial activities. And a flying start it was, in our third quarter we are proud to have several listed companies as customers. Together with SME’s and some very enthusiastic start-ups this has led to four new milestones we can present to the market…

Both for customer demand and our ambition to become a global player in telematics, we will have local presence in: Poland, Portugal, Oman and the USA!   

As well as providing sales and service they will act as forward stock location to optimize services and deliveries to our existing and future customers.

  • 13-09-2017

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